Create Container Database (CDB) in Oracle 19c using DBCA

Create Container Database (CDB) in Oracle 19c using DBCA:. In this article we will explain about how to Create Container Database (CDB) in Oracle 19c using DBCA. CDB PDB database features is started from Oracle 12c onwards. A cdb database is the root database in multitenant architecture which contains zero, one or multiple pdbs.

Steps to create a CDB:

In this article we have already installed Oracle 19c Standalone software. Now we will create a empty container database.

Oracle Database 19c Installation On Oracle Linux 7 (OL7)

Execute dbca command:

Database Creation Mode:

Select Advanced configuration option and click on next.

Database Deployment Type:

Here we choose Oracle Single Instance Database.

Specify Database Identification Details:

Database Storage Option:

Select Fast Recovery Area Option:

Specify Network Configuration Details:

Data Vault Configuration Option:

Configuration Options:

Specify Management Options:

Specify Database User Credentials:

Here we use same Administrator password for all account.

Database Creation Option:


Check the all configuration details before the CDB creation.

Progress Status:

Container Database creation has been finished.

How to create a Pluggable Database in Oracle 19c using dbca

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